About EduSkill

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In response to the need of the hour, EduSkill was founded with the aim to enable solutions to bridge the gap between job seekers and potential employers through skill development/enhancement and certification to prove authentication.


EduSkill is continuously developing programs and forging alliances in various fields such as, IT Skills, English, Accounting, Entrepreneurship, etc. Current strategic tie-ups include Certiport, Liqvid, CyberLearning, etc., that have global presence and recognition in their respective fields of skill enhancement and validation.

The tools developed by these organizations are recognized, backed and demanded by industry giants no less like Microsoft, Adobe, HP, etc. and have been proven to be highly effective tools aimed towards skill development and standardized evaluation and certification. Employers worldwide recognize these certifications as proof of knowledge and expertize in the given area. To learn more about our Strategic Alliances, click here.  

EduSkill plans to make these potent tools available to the Indian masses living in the smallest of towns or the remotest of villages, where resides the majority of our population, particularly the jobless. To facilitate this, EduSkill is developing a nationwide network of partners and associates in every nook-and-corner of the country. The benefit of this is twofold - Through this network of partnerships

  1. Skill enhancement solutions by EduSkill can be exposed to anyone wishing to develop/enhance their skills in order to gain employment.
  2. EduSkill provides a highly profitable business opportunity to those looking to enhance their existing business and increase revenue generation.
Get Skilled. Get Certified. Get Employed.

Due to the nature of requirement, EduSkill is able to cater to a diverse variety of segments from corporates to schools and colleges as well as standalone IT training or vocational training centers. In addition, EduSkill provides effective solutions for the Government as well as Workforce Development sectors.