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Industry is begging for skilled workers who are experts and experienced with the tools they use. While most academic institutes are already training their students on most of the essential skill sets, there is still no method to map student's knowledge and expertise with the level of skill expected by the industry.

Certifications, provided by application developers such as Microsoft, Adobe, etc. comes as an answer to the problem, with a standard way of assessing skill development and proficiency level of an individual.

Partnership with EduSkill gives your students the ability to

  • ♦  develop a skill to match the level of industry expectation
  • ♦  obtain recognition of their skill by attaining industry recognized certifications
  • to a STUDENT
bullet Provides an opportunity to master the key computing skills, allowing them to
  • Progress through work faster
  • Express and structure their ideas more eloquently by using powerful tools and features of the applications.
  • Focus more on project content rather than presentation
bullet Verifies expertise in desktop computing skills that differentiates a student from
  • other applicants, when applying for further education
  • other job candidates who are non-certified
bullet Students can participate in the Certiport Worldwide competition on Microsoft Office
  • An excellent platform to becoming a global competitor.
bullet Validates curriculum content and relevance
  • Teaching concepts relevant to industry requirement enhances career advancement
bullet Provides a cost effective solution to course validation
  • Student learning is validated through the certification exam instead of (or in addition) internal assessment.
bullet Provides tangible benefits to students
  • An industry recognized certification proves expertise as opposed to internal assess ment that carries no particular recognition.
bullet Improves student's quality of work
  • Students are better able to express themselves through complex features learned.
bullet Enhances institutes perceived value through association
  • Association with Microsoft helps
  • Gives an edge over other institutes during admissions
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The journey from a desire to be certified to obtaining the certification is a simple three-step process. At EduSkill, we call it the "Learn, Practice, Certify" model.

Provide training to your students on the specific skill or program.
EduSkill Training Kits contain structured content designed to ease learning towards certification.
Provide practice and experience the live exam environment on Certiprep.
Certiport provides Certiprep Exam Simulation software provides a great way to ensure preparedness.
Conduct examination in your own facility using the exam application.
The certificate is instantly available to the student online post clearance.

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